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Our services

You are welcome to contact Invest in Mariagerfjord at any time. We aim to help you establish your business in Mariagerfjord – in the best possible way.


    At Invest in Mariagerfjord, we can help in every phase of your investment project. Whether you need assistance with preliminary market research or the closure of the actual investment, we provide confidential and professional services – free of charge.


    Invest in Mariagerfjord is an initiative founded by Mariagerfjord Municipality and Mariagerfjord Business Council. Our vision is to assist foreign direct investors in establishing, running and developing business operations in Mariagerfjord. We work closely with Invest in Denmark, the national investment promotion agency, on investment projects in our local area.

    Single point of contact

    Invest in Mariagerfjord is your single point of contact. We facilitate communication with other local and national authorities and ensure that your project progresses in a transparent and efficient way.

    Market insight

    We have extensive knowledge of our local community and conditions for running your business in Denmark. We can provide you with information and analyses relevant to establishing your business in Mariagerfjord, i.e. market overviews, site selections, recruitment, and much more.


    Let us help you get off to a good start. We leverage our network in the local business community to your advantage. Whether you are looking for partnerships, talents or wish to connect with other company owners, we take you by the hand and introduce you to relevant people, companies and organisations.

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